Friday, June 5, 2009

Ugly Protest

The recent protest in Punjab and Hariyana against the attack on Sant Ramanand and Niranjan Dass at Vienna (Austria) shows ugly use of freedom in a democracy. I condemn what happened in Vienna, but the way the later things happened in India is not acceptable in any logical sense.
In democracy everyone has rights to protest if she finds its wrong, But it is unlawful if someone is using violence as a medium to justify their opinion or concerns. And that what exactly happened this time.
Some unruly crowd came into the road, disturbed regular life of normal people, burnt the train and what not. This is a huge loss to nation and the tax payers who pays from the pocket. National assets are not there to burn for to show the resentments of some unruly crowd who does not have even commonsense. This shows that there is no difference between the crowd who attacked Sant Ramanand and Niranjan Dass and the people who created chaos for several days disturbing normal life. Because of this, people were left stranded in many railway stations, not having normal normal food and amenities. Instead they could have gone in a peaceful way to protest against the attack.
No doubt there would be some handful people who are always eager to utilize this kind of situation and create disturbance all over in the country, but this is not a good thing which should be encouraged in any civilized society. These mob should be caught and punished so that others can live in a peaceful way and that would show true picture of democracy which does not encourage violence to protest for expressing someones concern.