Sunday, May 17, 2009

Verdict 2009

This is year which will be remembered in the history of congress party. They landslide victory in the Election despite not so good performance in last five years. The result was shocking for most of the party. BJP who were expecting a close number near to congress, now they are far behind the congress in terms of result obtained. And congress is almost near to the majority and going to form the government again. Personally, I was disappointed by the way the people responded for selecting the government this time. If the performance of the government is analyzed in last five years, there is nothing substantial which was done by the UPA allay. The corruption is all time high and price of regular items are all time high. Not even potential national level projects was kicked off in last five years. Lapse in security system and all and unending list of disappointing performance by the UPA government. Some of the power hungry minister and some tried to pacify some of the communities by providing sops in educational sector. Still amazingly the party came with maximum number of seats.
On the other hand the poor plan by BJP to go single handed in most of the state made the party to pay a lot. There is no presence of BJP in most of the southern states like TN, Kerela, AP. It did not pay much attention to these states in terms of forming alliance with other political parties. In orissa, the spat with BJD made it not to get even a single seat. This all accounted to defeat of BJP. Though there are various agenda for the party, but it failed to capitalize on them. Poor plan, no proper alliance in southern states and poor execution made the party to see the failure.
One good thing happened this time is some of the party like RJD, SP, LJP virtually lost their identity. The defeat of Ram vilash paswan is a strong message to others about the strong performance of Nitish government in Bihar. These netas (Lalu, Paswan, Amar singh) now almost silence out of humiliation as they don't have any bigger role to play. Also the Left party.. I pity on them. So majority of single party has some good sign of a stable govt for next five years with no pressure from Lefts in running. I hope this time the govt will do something in coming years which it could not do in it last 40 years of ruling after independence.