Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Mahabharat - The Epic

India is a great country with diverse culture. This is the land of Lord. Rama and Lord. Krishna. One of the biggest asset which we have for which we should feel proud is "Mahabharat" - The Epic. As an indian, I would suggest everyone should know the basic theme of it which was written by Maharshi Vyasa. Its a completely no nonsense narration where each and every character has its own importance and most of them are related logically. If you go through the story then everything is logical in that. If the entire narration is broken into individual stories, then all stories conveys some message to the society.
It sets some of the classic examples of friendship of Karna and Duryadhana. At the same time the respect for his guru from Ekalavya. Bhisma's pratignya is a tribute of a son to his father. Gita upadesha to Arjun by Lord.Krishna. It also conveys what are bad things in a society like playing poker and what extend it can spoil the life, And exhibits agony of Karna life and also shows the love of Yashoda for Krishna. Denial to bless Duryadhana by Gandhari before Kurukhestra war. These are some of the remarkable moments in Mahabharat which is still has a lot of meaning.

In the Kurukhestra war there were many warriors who lost their lives. If you see, most of the warrior from Kaurava's were killed in a cheated way. This was not expected from Pandava's, but as Lord.Krishna says, there is nothing wrong if you are using improper way to fighting against people who themselves did not follow any rule.
One charecter in the entire episode who impresses all is Karna. His entire life was full of agony as he did not carry any identity. Though he came to know about his identity still he did not reveal to anyone. He is a man of his words. He is an epitome of friendship and a great warrior who defeated all the Brothers of Pandava in the Kurukhestra war but did not kill anyone as he promised Kunti that he wont be kill any of his son if he gets a chance except Arjuna. It was his badluck as he was carrying lot of curse behind him which was the main reason of his death in the Kurukhestra war.
The last gyan given by Bhisma to Pandava is thought provoking where he says, nothing is great than the nation. Which is still holds good in todays life. These are few moments which conveys lot of things which tells what one should or should not follow in their regular life. This is not specific to any relegion or special category people but there is a message for everyone which is still valid in everyday life of 21st century.

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