Sunday, October 18, 2009

Troublesome Neighbors

If you are staying in a society where all your neighbors are troublesome, then most of your time gets wasted in resolving the issues with others and you can't stay peacefully. Same is also applicable to the nation too. The solution of the common men in the society is, He can move to other place or society if its needed. But the same is not possible with nation. Nation can not change its neighbor or boundary which is shared. So India as a country is a victim of the troublesome society.

She is sharing her border majorly with Pakistan, Afganistan, China, Nepal, Bangladesh, Bhutan, Myanmar. So most of outfits in these countries are engaged in disturbing stability in India directly or indirectly. Lets say Pakistan, which is the epicenter of terrorism of the world, the recent attacks and the previous attacks are mostly was shaped in Pakistan. Bangladesh and Nepal not directly involved but some elements in those countries are responsible for marketing fake currency, some of the attacks in india.

These day the chinese dragon is actively involved in creating pressure in all the possible way. China has grown tremendously in its Economical and Military strength. It is one of the influential country in global platform. And it is actively expanding its presence in other countries by investing a lot of money in building freeways, ports, dams and what not. And also it is more involved in entering indian territory and creating disturbance in the border. As india is also becoming a major power along with china, But china is mostly interested in creating only its presence all over which is mostly hampered by India's growth. The pain of this era is, everyone knows no one can attack other country directly for expanding it borders or stop its growth. The tactics of china is to create a pressure on india by different tactics. And this is done by claiming Arunachal Pradesh as part of China  and protesting against the visit of Dalai Lama to india. There are evidences of intrusion of chinese army into indian territory. Also they are building a dam over Bramhaputra river which can cause significant damage to indian environment. Creating military base in the borders. Its also creating support for itself by investing a lot of money in the countries which are neighbor to india.

The lunacy of the chinese goverment is, they are objecting the visit of indian prime minister to Arunachal Pradesh. The problem with indian government is, Its directly not protesting against chinese claim and has been very soft in dealing with the burning issues. This is encouraging the others to create more pressure on India. No doubt it is one of the biggest trading partner and the bitterness between the country could prove to be jolt to the economy, but the jolt wont be unilateral. Lately but india now started strengthening its border on north east states. But it is not enough. Goverment should proactively create more oppertunities in northeastern states and build roads to all places to have greater reach to the people. This would help in reducing the intrusions and in any immediate threat from other side. Also government should not hesitate to have war of words when it is about our country.