Monday, July 6, 2009

Bing looks Promising

In the recent past one good thing has come on the world of internet is Bing. A revitalized search engine by Microsoft. It is evident that the world of search engine is dominated by Google having more than 40% of market share. And Microsoft's effort to tap search engine market is not so fruitful so far. There are reasons for that. When a user uses a search engine, basically it looks for more relevant result which google use to provide. At the same time other existing search engines are not so good in its searching techniques and hence google dominated the entire market.
And the desire of Microsoft has not fulfilled to grab that market. So in an effort, recently it has launched Bing. Which is a re branded of its existing search engine with lot of changes in the background. When I used it for the first time, I was impressed. I had not any expectations on the new launch, but once I used it, then I felt the difference. It has got a cool interface and the search results are very relevant. No doubt when there is a launch of something we start comparing with the others existing stuff in, and hence there is a comparison with google is obvious. But the truth is this is not the replacement of google. If someone is expecting the same kind of stuff which is available in google, then forget it. Its just another tool to make your life easier while searching over the internet. News says that on the first week of its launch, the market share of it rose from 7 to 12% which is impressive. The video and image search is also worth of trying in Bing.
One good thing is, when there is a competition, the consumer gets the best. So far there is monoploy of google in the search engine competition. Now the revival of bing will definitely create some wave which would help in improving the search engine capability of all the search engines to have greater pie in the search engine market. And the ultimate benefit will goto the user of it at free of cost. Lets wait and watch the future of this war.