Friday, September 24, 2010

We Lost the Opportunity ..

Few days left to start Common Wealth Games 2010 (CWG), there are lot of reports in media regarding India's capability in organizing the such a prestigious event. One good thing out of this was, It successfully able to show till what extent the corruption can occur in our country and I am very happy that this time the big shots of so called Indian VVIP'S are involved in this. But sadly, once the tournament is over everyone forgets about them. 

Actually the foundation for this event was started with corruption. There are reports which says that India Paid bribe to the officials of other counties to vote in favor New Delhi as the venue for CWG 2010. If your foundation stone started with a bribe, then you can imagine till what extent the root of it is extended. Around $2.5 billion is the estimated cost for organizing it, but now I started suspecting what is the actual money being used for construction of sub standard sports village, stadium and infrastructure of Delhi. Few examples are, recent collapsing of foot bridge near the main stadium, and roof ceiling are falling are good examples of quality of work being done.

When China hosted the Olympic in 2008, it invested more than $40 billion to organize the mega event and they have built world class stadium which is one of the engineering marvel and the infrastructure of Beijing was made to cater all the demands. This was an opportunity for China to showcase its strength and at the same time they used the money judiciously to improve the facility for sports by building world class stadiums, sports complex. It is like where you hit two target by using one arrow. China did it. They organized the game at the same time they built such a good stadiums and other infrastructure which would be helpful in a long term growth of the country. The rest is history, 2008 Olympics was the most successful game in the history. This was not just not the game, but it is the vision for them how they do the things in a proper way.

Contrary to it, In CWG 2010 everyone is busy in calculating how much one can get out of this game. Tax payers in India, pay almost 30% of the cost of any goods as tax to the government. And these corrupt official just eat all the money.Whatever might be the purpose, the first intention for them is to get profit out of it. I felt ashamed when I heard defending statements from the involved official regarding the arrangements. Once Sheela Dixit was said, the event is like Indian Marriages where preparation goes on  until the last moment. Another official was stating regarding sanitation that "Sanitation is a subjective and the places of CWG is good enough for Indian standard". So I thought this is the guy who decides what is the Indian standard. One common practice all these smart corrupt official follows at the last moment is "Patriotic Games". When things goes out of hand these corrupt officials, they just talk about national pride and all shits and try to get support of public. And I have seen people who start supporting them. But this is the opportunity for the common man to do the right thing. That is expose them all. I am just praying to make this event to be unsuccessful. Let the event be a national shame. This would be a true justice to all the tax payers whose money is being wasted and a tight slap on all the members of organizing committee. 

Some people say why people just criticize at last moment instead of doing something for it. The answer for it is, every  individual has their own role in the growth of the country. And there are people in the country who are doing things to make the country proud, there are people who pay lot of tax money for every item they purchase. This is another form of contribution. It just does not mean that they all have to contribute directly. If all the person who are responsible for something had done the thing correctly then there would not have been any scope of such huge mistake. This is just an example where billions of $ are just siphoned by these corrupt officials. I am sure that there will be number of such instances would come up where huge money are just being going to corrupt official pocket. But this time the corrupt officials got international acclaim. What a shame.

So now the question is, are we really capable of organizing such mega events. Well the answer is NO for it as long as we have corrupt mentality. It is not that we don't have potential, but the problem is about the mentality of the people who are getting involved for such responsible things. The day when every responsible person start doing the thing in right way, then that is the day when we should start bidding for such mega event. In Simple words, this time WE LOST THE OPPORTUNITY.....