Saturday, December 26, 2009

Reality Show

I remember my childhood, those days when television was became a part of our family. There was only one channel "Doordarshan" and one VCP in my home where we use to play the movies. I use to watch all the serials. It is the story of 80's and in early 90's there were new entrants to television market. Prime Sports (Now Star Sports), Zee TV, Star Plus, BBC in a bunch. But DD still had its share. People use to love watching serials like Ramayana in 80's, Mahabharat in 90's. It had given thrilling experience by telecasting Bomkesh Bakshi, Karamchand, Chanakya and many unforgettable serials. People use to stick to television for a long time. Things use to run without any ads and everyone use to enjoy it.

            After 20 years, when I switch on the television today, I am hardly able to stick to television not more than 30 minutes. Now I have option of switching to any particular flavor of entertainment. I have dozen channels of Entertainment, News, Cartoon and god knows what not. I see all the channels including news channels started showing reality show. Earlier only few discussions use to be live and there was no space for reality show.  The pathetic part of it is, If one channel start some show and it clicks, other competitor channels simply start same type show. Be it Rakhi Ka Swayambar or Lux Perfect Bride all just fun, and in the name of entertainment there is just some time pass going on. Be it a Laughter challenge which is trying to repeat the average jokes and some judges are bursting with laugh for it. Any daily serials will have one movie songs in it and every damn dialog will have a terrible music playing in background (indicating it's an important scene).

I just cant believe that how come when we are in 21st century, audience like to just watch such meaningless show. Now marriages are happening in TV, People are being watched 24 hours in camera and I guess the real Truman Show will start very soon. At the end of the day it is not adding any value to the time which is spent in watching such kind of show. There is no quality news in any news channel, everything is exaggerated. There use to be "The world of this week" now being replaced by "Sannate ko cheer ti hui Sansani". After around more than 15 years, no series are as good as Mahabharat, Chanakya which use to have message in each and every episode nor any CID which has match of Bomkesh Bakshi. News channels are spreading rumors about end of the world when scientific experiments like LHC is conducted spending millions of dollar. There is no more any sense of responsibility in the media while airing any show.
If this means progress for the people in terms of entertainment, then I feel sorry for it and I feel pity for them.

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