Saturday, August 8, 2009

Ohh Monsoon

India the 7th largest country consumes 17% of of total food produced and generate 7% of total food in the world. The country boast with more than one billion population and this is the country of the farmers. Cultivation is still main livelihood for most of the people living in village. And India is an growing economy and the growth depends heavily on the food safety of the nation.

Monsoon Plays a vital role in the countries India, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Japan and few other countries in Africa. Indian farmers plan their cycle based on the arrival of monsoon. This year, the monsoon again deceived and as usual, the prediction of meteorological department of normal monsoon was found to be irrational. Price of food items are sky high and its pinching the common man pocket. This is not only about effecting the farming sector but also effect indirectly other sectors like Power sector, Environment. Due to less rainfall the hydro power generation becomes less in the country this builds up pressure on the other thermal power plants which leads more consumption in natural resource and one of the reason for environment pollution. Farmers use more power pumps to irrigate their field which also loads the power plant. There is also decrease in ground water level in cities due to less rainfall which down the line going to create a hurdle for the people in near future. The recent price hike of sugar in the market is due to less production of sugarcane in india and that is due to the less rainfall in north india. The drought like situation is also a challenge for any government to feed a billion population.
As everyone knows the rural india pays a lot whenever there is such a situation. Regular power cut in villages hampers the growth of country. Few measures can be taken by common man by saving natural resources. Using electricity in effective manner so that the saved one can be transferred to villages. Not wasting water unnecessarily. Rainwater harvesting is one, and Tamilnadu is an exemplary for other states which mandates the house owner to save rain water instead discharging it. This helped a lot in managing the ground water level in the state. This should be taken a lesson for other states. AP government is planning to make green building is mandatory for all builders.
It is true that its not in our hand to manage the natural weather cycle, but few good practices in our daily life can help to us to fight when nature shows its fury on us.

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